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She would like to meet someone in the future, but it’s not a priority at the moment.” Additionally, this idea that the model wants to get revenge on her ex isn’t remotely accurate.

Lady Gaga is reportedly dating Horton, an audio mixer who’s been in the “Born This Way” singer’s team for a while now.

The new couple was reportedly seen and photographed kissing in a restaurant in California.

Lady Gaga previously shut down the dating rumors with Cooper during her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, affirming that people saw love but that’s what they wanted them to see, Harper’s Bazaar reported.

She further stated that “A Star Is Born” is film of love story and they worked so hard for the performance.

Will the dating rumors continue despite Lady Gaga reportedly being in a new relationship?

Nobody’s currently linked to Cooper yet so who knows?

The “A Star Is Born” reportedly had a major impact in the relationship of Cooper and Shayk.

A source claimed that Cooper did not cheat on Shayk but the circulating rumors was too much for her to handle and eventually caused a rift in their relationship.

The source reportedly added that even though there wasn’t any romantic involvement between Lady Gaga and Cooper, the rumors were too difficult for the actor’s former flame.

After their split, Shayk and Cooper are reportedly civil and working things out on how to share custody with their daughter.

The source added that Lady Gaga dating Horton only fits her lifestyle because she’s been known as workaholic and dating someone on her team was something she likes.


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