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“If a 14- or 15-year-old girl reads this in a small town who’s gay, then she knows that someday she might get to go get a marriage license and get married, and there’s no reason she should stop dreaming about a white wedding because I didn’t.” In a video released by Music for Marriage Equality (MME) Brandi shared her personal experience about growing up in Washington and her desire to be married legally in her home state. MME is a project of Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the campaign working to approve Referendum 74 this fall, thereby allowing same-sex couples to marry.Until recently, Brandi Carlile hadn't confirmed that she is, indeed, a lesbian. Since she dropped her eponymous debut in 2005, much of the attention surrounding the Seattle singer-songwriter has deservedly been focused on something far more riveting: a walloping, from-the-gut voice that shreds through songs like it's some kind of singing chainsaw.

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What did you learn about yourself while you were writing it? For years now, I've been trying to live in the moment, and I had to leave that moment to make this record.

I spent the last couple of years writing this record in a sort of discontented place.

singer/songwriter will say “I Do” to her partner, Catherine Shepherd, in Boston where they are expected to be surrounded by family and friends.

“It was a crazy feeling while I was filling out the paperwork because I felt like I was breaking the law, like somebody was going to come in and say, ‘You know you can’t have this,’” Carlile told the Associated Press (AP). And her [Shepherd’s] mom and dad were there and it was just really special.

It was amazing, and I was so nervous about it and so full of things to say that were going to be really profound and really exciting because Elton influenced me in so many ways, personally and musically.

And when I came around the corner and he was sitting there in that room and I saw him, I couldn't think of a single one of them.

And I could see by talking to her that they -- along with k.d. So I'm not even sure she knows I'm singing onto it.

and Melissa, Ellen, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury -- really laid it out on the line and demanded nothing short of acceptance from people. I spent a few days in New York City with Amy around the release of her record, and I saw her doing all these interviews for gay publications. I don't talk about my relationship because my partner didn't really make the decision to be part of my craziness. [Laughs.] Well, talk about this then, because I don't think a lot of people know that you actually did background vocals for Melissa Etheridge's Lucky album. You've met a couple of your idols -- the Indigo Girls and Elton John. I've always been a fan of Ellen, since she was doing stand-up -- before I knew she was gay. When I first saw you in 2005, you performed for an obnoxious group of drunks.

I hope that they're able to say the same thing about me from a place of success and from a place of acceptance as a part of society, instead of oppression.


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