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it's not worth having so much problems by cutting a few mms off the height. The RC car really only benefits you and you might only get one or two kills with it.

Where as the spy plan helps your whole team and I find it so much easier to get kills with spy planes up.

I wonder if we will hit a point when the OS X guys/gals look at Windows in amazement? :) I just hope Lion brings more then what I am seeing in the Developer Builds.

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Bryson Gilreath intelligence, flexibility and a sense of 'sarcastic humor, earned him an eclectic group of friends at BHS.

After a failed attempt by the Church "Flying Spaghetti Monster Home Club" at school, Bryson in "My Life, Liz has decided to focus on what is best.

So, please don't take everything I typed and generalize it, because it's not for everyone.

You personally look into the problem, ask questions about what's going on.. , some other don't have your patience and throw in the typical sentence " Go learn fundamentals and come back" as soon as they see a basic mistake.

However, looking purely at the operating system itself, I can always remember first showing my "Windows" friends OS X (even in the early days) and them being blown away by how amazing it was.

These days I don't see that same excitement (really since Leopard) and the gap between OS X and Windows is now much closer.

The boss's don't trust them to change out light bulbs in their stores, why would they give them critical data that could change their stocks???? You payed for it didn't you so now it is yours .... At least we have the freedom and our goverment tries too help. This would really be helpful since I am not sitting at my laptop 24/7 waiting for this idiot to connect to my network. and then there will be numerous viruses for the mac that will be unleashed into the wild.

DRM is ******** and it takes away your rights as a consumers. and then norton will have numerous profits from mac viruses, along with windows viruses. aside from that, means more games , and software support along with hardware support should be increasing as well which are good.

Back to the code, here is a photo of my connections (ignore cance Bigtimer). I know now that 1 timer is enough, even if I use two timers and start them at the same time, the log only shows 1 loop and the countdown in separate labels show e.g. I got confuse because some other forums told me that I should make 2 timers.

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