Bt home hub not updating dyndns Bi girl chat line

I did this “headless” using SSH over my local network.

bt home hub not updating dyndns-45

I am having trouble accessing my Pi from the internet using SSH.

I have been searching around a number of websites, seen similar but not exactly the same issues as mine so hope someone on here can help.

First up, I am a relative novice when it comes to networking so have gone right back to the basics to try to set this up as I do not yet understand technical speak.

It was then apt-get “updated” and “upgraded” successfully, so I am assuming everything should be up to date.

When a new device connects to them, they automatically dish out IP addresses and DNS server information.

This is handy, as it saves a lot of time and effort, making networking easy.We'll explain how, but before you do anything else you need to find out how to find out a safe address by connecting to your router.Every router manufacturer does things slightly differently, but our directions should make sense regardless of which router you're using.However, internet service providers (ISPs) only have a set number of IP addresses which they can give to their customers.Because of this most ISPs will rotate their customers’ IP address each time they connect or reconnect to the internet, or as sometimes is the case, whenever they feel like it!Millions of people across the UK lose their internet access when BT's DNS servers go down, which they often seem to do.


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