The admittedly-thick Covec liner will not melt, like many other fabrics used as liners, including some implementations of Kevlar, which is sometimes combined with synthetic yarns like nylon, which can melt.


Yet their “Technical Testing” pages indicates that the SR6 jeans are indeed tested and approved to Level 1 and the Voloce jeans are Level 2.

Apparently, a motorcycle jacket or pants can come with a “CE approval”…but when you read between the lines, it’s the CE approval for street clothes.

Typically, these liners are made from products with familiar names like Kevlar or Dyneema, which offer an increase in abrasion resistance versus the average pair of street jeans.

So when the Bull-it jeans arrived, my first thought was “OK, yet another pair of motorcycling jeans”. Bull-it is a new-ish company, started in 2006 in the UK.

I do realize that I was hearing this from someone who manufactures a product that is a competitor of Kevlar, but Keith does have a lot of science and testing to back up his claims.

It’s also important to note that Bull-it and Covec do believe that Kevlar is inherently a good product.

They find it to be a remarkable material that has benefitted many other industries.

They do feel, however, that it may simply not be the best material for use as an abrasion- and heat-resistant liner in motorcycle clothing. A typical set of motorcycle leathers is 1.4 mil thick.

Bull-it has a partnership with Covec Ltd., a British firm that specializes in the creation of “Technical Textiles”.

Covec textiles are used in the jeans and other gear produced by Bull-it to provide abrasion resistance.

Last year no other brand prepared a description in detail of the test and exactly what is covered in their own product.” Bull-it SR4 Range: Tested to and exceeded CE EN 13595-1 Level 1 Clause 5.4 for abrasion resistance with 4 seconds in all relevant zones. “Certified” means tested by an accredited body, such as Satra or CTC. But, they are not “Approved”, because the shin to hem is not lined, that’s a rider choice.

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