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Indian immigrants are found largely in the USA, Canada, UK, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Srilanka and Australia.Some of the famous NRI personalities are Sir Ben Kingsley, Freddie Mercury, Navanethem Pillay, Madhur Jaffrey, Kalpana Chawla, Lilly Singh, Aishveryaa Nidhi, Nicol David to name a few.

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They use latest technology to locate a bride or groom matching the profile's community/caste.

Suppose you are a groom living in New Jersey and belong to Agarwal community, Matchfinder creates campaigns, uses advertising mediums and some secret methods to find Agarwal brides in New Jersey area.

This was the earliest known instance of Indian migration to South East Asia.

The second major immigration happened during British rule in India, when Indians were sent for labor work and as slaves to British ruled African countries, Europe and America.

Indians started migrating to the East during Ashoka times(304 BC - 232 BC).

During the invasions of Ashoka on the Eastern India, some people have fled as far as Bali in Indonesia.PIO (Person of Indian Origin) is the appropriate term for children of NRI parents who hold a citizenship of the settled country.India is recognized by the UN as having the largest diaspora among all other countries.Indians settlers in South Africa, Mauritius, Britain, West Indies are a result of this migration.It was in 1960's when the first generation of Indians started moving to America for finding better opportunities.kpmarriage is a first shaadi websitewebsite in india which offer free services kpmarriage.com-world's first 100% free matrimonial website in india is a Free registration matrimonial website It's FREE, easy to join! website has many features that will help to find your dream life partner easily.

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