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1 mixture of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, etc., baked in the oven and often iced and decorated.

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Accanto la mia mano una bottiglia semivuota di JD e un portacenere con resti di drumm carbonizzati.

Loro, sono il passato ma sono il presente e saranno il futuro nel mio cervello. Voglio cacciarli via e allora ci do dentro come più posso con litri di alcohol e quantita di chimica.

-s) 1 seed from which cocoa and chocolate are made.

[Portuguese cachu from Malay kachu] cack-handed adj.

-luses or -li) 1 particular method of mathematical calculation or reasoning. [Latin, = small stone (used on an abacus)] caldron var.

1 system fixing the year's beginning, length, and subdivision.

1 (of an action) done deliberately or with foreknowledge.

a small electronic one) for making mathematical calculations.

soft grey metallic element occurring in limestone, marble, chalk, etc.


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