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Daters are becoming more careful, but also less judgmental.They’re more open-minded, but also more traditional.Just like in 2005, the plurality of people (47 percent in 2015) say they wait three dates before having sex with someone new.

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Moreover, in a finding that may shock many men in the dating world, women were more likely to use the apps to simply confirm that they are attractive rather than actually trying to find a partner, short or long-term.

In a press release, Bendixen explained,  Meanwhile, men are more likely to use Tinder and similar apps to find either short-term (in some cases short term may mean minutes) or longer-term partners.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was Carrie Underwood’s time.

It was the age of wisdom, but also of low-rise jeans.

Who thought that having strangers judge you simply based on your photos could affect your self-esteem?

Thus, if you are a man and just want to feel better about yourself, you may consider something besides a dating site or app, such as hitting your head repeatedly with a toilet seat.  Of course, this study had its limitations.

The number of gay men responding “yes” declined from 83 percent to 57 percent, while straight women dropped from 48 to 25 percent.

What’s more, fewer people now say they’d date someone just for the sex.

It was only just over a decade ago, but oh, how things have changed since 2005.

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