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He told me he would never be that desperate to use them he left me a week before feb apparently he couldn't trust me !I just googled his name and it popped up on a hook up sight I wish I had walked away not only did he make me feel like I was crazy paranoid and over reacting he's mentally scared me I'm 29 I don't think I could ever be with anyone again he compleatley sexually degraded me he punched me while I was pregnant robbed and gambled our money away and he left me !!!

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I would like to ask my fellow female how they would feel if they discovered their boyfriend of 6 months had just signed up to a dating site, and had upgraded to full membership by spending 79 pounds (130 dollars) for full access.

I discovered this because he forgot to log out of his e-mails and I know I shouldn't have, but temptation took over.

shouldnt he have wanted to distance himself from her if she was a temptation? as for the dating site, his excuse was that he had been wanting to propose to me but wanted to sleep with a woman first. i am 26 and he is 27 and maybe we got serious too young. but what kills me is he has always been the one pushing ny level of commitment in our relationship. he gave me the password n i could see that he had msgd women trying to meet for no strings sex.

i left him for all of a week before i came back because this just seemed so out of character.

since then i snooped n saw that this site wasnt a once off but there were others opened a few months before.

i know ye probably think im stupid but i wanted to forgive him as he said he hasnt slept with nyone because "he chickened out n cudnt do it n it was just online" but i dont think i can. when i first approaches him about other sites he blatently lied to my face.

i confronted him n asked of he had beem cheating or ever cheated on me.

he told me that he had kissed a girl from work on a drunken staff party 2 years ago that he was good friends with and they both stopped the kiss n said they cudnt do it.

I, however am devastated and am not sure if I can get over this. He seemed remorseful and even cried a bit when I caught him. So i really doubt there's a future here as well. He keeps telling me he's never cheated on anyone and knows what it's like to be cheated on. No matter what his reaction was AFTER he got caught i know BEFORE he had ill intentions. He has to change himself and want to want to be better for you. Get a piece of paper and write all the cons and pros that you can think of. He keeps saying that he just did it because he was bored (nothing else to do). I think I'll try that pros and cons list./r/Relationships is a community built around helping people and the goal of providing a platform for interpersonal relationship advice between redditors.

But now he gets angry with me every time I bring up how I feel about it or if I have a question about his behaviour. He apparently doesn't consider this cheating even though we had a discussion about it before. TBH the likelihood that he didn’t intent to meet up with those woman are slim to none. Not even a year in already cheating, claiming to be “bored” that’s bullshit. Until that happens you’ll be in a roller coaster relationship always in a battle with his infidelity. Just know your worth more then being cheated on (unless you yourself is a cheater) and don’t accept no BS from him or anyone. We seek posts from users who have specific and personal relationship quandaries that other redditors can help them try to solve.

Get out while you can before ur damaged goods if he loved you the way you did him he would act in the same way as you.


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