Cd carbon dating

At present, too few measurements of 14C in the atmosphere exist to explicitly test the model prediction shown in the figure left.

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You will learn of completely fossilized items left out of science journals, like hats, sausage links, bags of flour..a skeletal foot inside a cowboy boot.

In 2001, ESS/CGECR researchers Ellen Druffel, John Southon and Susan Trumbore were awarded $2 million by the W. Keck Foundation for the development of an accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) facility – the Keck-Carbon Cycle AMS facility – for radiocarbon measurements in support of carbon cycle research at University of California, Irvine.

Changes in atmospheric CO clearly must be explained by repartitioning of carbon among these three reservoirs.

However, scientists do not yet fully understand the fundamental processes controlling this carbon “cycle”.

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More research is necessary to explain past changes in COC produced by atmospheric weapons testing (between 19), as it dissolves in surface oceans and is taken up and respired by land plants can be traced.


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