Celebrities dating nhl hockey players

Although they may appear sweaty and barbaric on the ice (which some women like), it might surprise you of how well they clean themselves up.

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Celebrities dating nhl hockey players

And, believe it or not, even Paris Hilton took to the ice with her high school team.

And of course, no list of celebrity hockey players would be complete without mention of Alan Thicke. Like many kids who grew up in Minnesota, Anderson dreamed of becoming a professional hockey player. Louis, Mo.); actor — Currently portrays Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride in the TV show While growing up, Bakula would play hockey when it was cold enough to freeze the ponds in the woods behind his house. All the actors and all the comedians and stuff have organized hockey leagues and they play in Los Angeles.”Justin Bieber (Canada; London, Ont.); singer/songwriter — Say what you will about him, this dude can skate. Watch it here in this video: Guy Kawasaki (USA; Honolulu, HI); business guru, ex-marketing brain at Apple — Kawasaki’s personal passion: ice hockey.

Born in 1985, he is notorious for scoring either at the last minute or in overtime earning him the nickname “Game over Green.” Standing at 6’1, Green is not only hot because of his looks and hockey skills, he is also a good person who is involved in numerous community organizations.

He speaks to local middle schools and has a program called “Green’s Gang” where he donates season tickets to underprivileged kids.

As you might have guessed, a good number of celebrity hockey players who played hockey in school come from the Great White North.

But there are several individuals—from the US and elsewhere—that you’d never imagine are former ice hockey players who spent at least some of their childhoods playing the puck, either recreationally or with their local or school teams.

The couple have a son named Brooks William and a daughter, Avery. Before his victory with the Penguins he won back-to-back gold medals at the World Junior Championships (2006-2007).

This talented superstar has as many fans off the ice as he does on it, due to his dashing good looks.

In 2008, Green founded a charity called So Kids Can with Elliot Segal.


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