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Casiraghi explained that the magazine will not have a predetermined publication schedule."We want to publish when we have something to say or people to support," she said.Her mother is among the many honorary members of the group, which is really a think tank on philosophy.

It is a series of dialogues between the professor and the student about the various passions (i.e. In June 2009, Casiraghi, accompanied by her uncle Albert II, Prince of Monaco, appeared on the French television programme Stade 2 to speak about her recent enrollment in the Global Champions Tour.

It was her first experience of public speaking and she appeared poised and confident.

Casiraghi revealed that her collaborators with the Loro Piana-funded project are the socialite Alexia Niedzielski and advertising executive Elizabeth von Guttman.

She also revealed that the environmentally conscious designer Stella Mc Cartney, as well as her own uncle Prince Albert II, greatly enlightened and influenced her.

From December 2011, she has been dating Gad Elmaleh.

Gad Elmaleh is a standup comedian and he has also established himself as an actor.

The writings and the life of Anne Dufourmantelle made a strong impact on Casiraghi, who wrote in particular about Dufourmantelle's book Défense du Secret in an article for Libération.

The title is Archipel des Passions (Archipelago of the Passions).

Six months later, Casiraghi's half-sister, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, was born at a clinic in Voecklabruck, Austria. The family then moved to the Parisian suburb of Fontainebleau.


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