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ASSISTANT wanted (outdoors^ for good-class Dispensing and General Retail lousiness in small provincial town ; knowledge of Photography essential ; duties light; hours short; moderate salary.

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E.— Good-class Ketiiil, Photo, ninl Di^)eiisiiigr (700 new JUT annum) ; Store price for Patents; well stocked; rent £70; lease 14 years unexpired; owner takinff up an appointment; returns CO (last 3 years) ; net profit .t WO; price, valuation stock and fixtures.

established Family Retail and Dispensing; returns £1,400; rent £110, let off £50; price £200 and valuation.

Assis- tant (outdoors), same age, for three evenings a week and every third Sunday duty.

T ONDON, N.— A Senior Assistant, tho Tou,ehly reliable 1 ^° ^ liigli-O'ass Dispensing and Retailbusiness, by April 17th; about 28 or 50 years of age; must be well up in Dispensing and well recommended; indoors.

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