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It is also important to bear in mind that Ethiopia is a large country with a large population.

There are clear distinctions between urban vs rural; between rich vs poor; between highland populations and lowland populations; between people who depend on agriculture as a way of life and the pastoral way of life.

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This line of questioning can be interpreted as what is your ethnicity and there are very many people who consider this line of questioning as divisive.

It is advisable to avoid discussion on religion, sex or sexuality and local politics because it is hard to tell where people stand on these topics.

Asking about work, life and family is a very common approach to start a conversation. How is your family, kids, etc., is part of the daily greetings.

Ethiopians are not usually comfortable talking about private or personal matters outside of their family circle.

Most Ethiopians seem to be indifferent, at least in public, about politics.

However, it is possible your comments might be taken as criticism.

Touching on the shoulder or on the arm when talking face to face with someone of the same sex is okay but touching or holding the opposite sex with some degree of intimacy and looking straight to the eye is not advisable.

Pointing fingers at someone or speaking in a loud and angry manner is considered very rude. Kissing and hugging is part of the normal greetings and is not, in anyway, an expression of sexual affection.

Things like this should not be interpreted as anything other than a sign of respect.

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