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with Cleveland Michigan, with Detroit, Illinois with Chicago. with the twin cities Oregon and Washington with their great sea port.* and California with San Francisco and Los Angelet with the luring bait with which he has conquered the great industrial area : of the east and lost only New wrnnuer* gammas |*t IS* limlat M fr»M Avertfl, Indian*. subtracting Pennsylvania from that area will be negligible He cannot hold statca like Ohio. Notiea is hereby given That by virtu# of an Order of Sale, Issued by th# Clerk of th# Dietrict Court of th# Third Judicial Dietrict of Nebraska within and for Lancet* tor County, in an action wherein Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Nebraska Vital Statintics O»** Ike N'aelk emeries» Newapsver al, Ilar re » tree, exrliialxrly 1» Nebraska, I» Tkr I I ne-'la J»» ma I. ..-it lo t «'n the same SU hro*doa»t» #- York It may be assumed that unless | Brook» Rr Mtseveit get* the nomination the first day on the third ballot he I# lost.

Roosevelt will have a majority of the convention undoubtedly, as Mc Adoo had it.

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The weakness in rails was particularly disturbing, especially in view of the encouraging statement Sheriff* Salt. This step may have been prompted by the somewhat mule encouraging out- ,x M»»n»hip Eikert Rh* pa «.count .----- . Notice Ie hereby flveo, Tbet by virtu# of en Order of Sade, issued by the Ulerk of th# Dietrict Court of th# Third Judicial District of Nebraska, within end for Lrocrs ter County, in rd Rction wherein Metropolitan Life Insurance Coin pany, la plaintiff, and Charley F.

Adverse earnings statement» covering the first quarter unfavorable dividend action; a marked setback in the price of wheat; fresh defaults by European countries Greece being the most recent addition; and the sharp decline in railroad bonds, with some issues selling at prices indicating bankruptcy— all these factors were Tenkerg, Mann #«*'tie-o m» ira Marion* Pm»orth v« John Dliiwerh #4C slons in the prices of stocks, with new Iowa registered in certain instances. issue i by the Clerk of the District Court of the Third Judicial District of Nebraska, within and for Lanes* t#r County, in an action wherein Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, ta plaintiff, and Charley F Durham et a1, are Defendants, I will, at 3 o clock n. Given under mv hand this lith day of April, A D 1932. Altho the preferred dividend of Bethlehem Steel was not earned, regular disbursements were or-dered at the meeting. ISSI set rail*aui* s© w N»»hvili« Chat S St i-Pittiburgh S «’ Va Ou if Mobil# * N Sheriff’s Sale.

' majf^ritv of r*».uer•* na* causes, some of a purely temporary nature. NEW' TORK (AP) Th* flirt #0 rail-ma#» to report for March ha# net «par-• tmg Incom» of *31 »#• OOO compar*# wiih 130 *3# OOO la r.bruary an# |41,1|S.

Application Ka* baan ms#* lo the N«w Yr, Va stork e*rhan«e to Hat eartlficate» of Mil for 34T.59X VWi S p*rr*nt aaeura# un «mg fun# got# #*t*ntiiraa #u* Marrh I. List-in* prim»**» for lh»»* c*nifical#» t» ba-ni anuih» 'n roon*ctlon with in* formation ct protactiva commute*» to rapraaent xb« holdar» ol th» #«b*ntur«» Rsllraa# Esrwtng».

for the ftr*t quarter of I » .13 of |4 is* compared aith a net !


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