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I see and hear some guys go overboard with the drooling and (sometimes rude) comments. If you are married, or in a relationship, wait, why am I wasting my time?!NO CLUE x D i agree though, i knew a few cute girls when i was with my ex but wouldnt dream of leaving for them, dispite her oaths i cheated, but she's doing what she said i did so whatevs!

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IT's not cheating, and yes, both men and women do that and it's perfectly natural. I would get up in the morning and make the living area spotless. I reckon then I would uncharacteristically take a shower in the middle of the day, I probably wouldn't dry myself off too much, just enough to be comfortable. I would put on my short shorts and a tanktop, be the spittin' image of the girl next door at home. Walk past the fella and totally game him "Was lookin' through your FB babe, some hot chicks in there babe, do you know all of them? Then say nothing and wait for the confusion bomb to explode haha Listen to the try hard try explain hard Course its my game, never try that on me, You be **** busy. Now I know why you guys get into so much trouble and feel males seem to get away with everything.

Acting on it and sending a message to the girl letting her know you think she's hot and you wanna stay in touch (read: you would bang her if the opportunity came up) although isn't cheating per se, is plain disrespectful to your girlfriend. You are probably not the only one who thinks that and she's most likely well aware of it. you girls really do live everything in life by the book! Men break the rules, we chuck the book over our shoulders and make it up as we go. You can't BEND a process everybody is in on you just come across half arsed or downright evil.

I could not go with a insecure person, because I have so many female friends and I am not sleeping with any of them.

i say thumbs up to baron for trying to make women realistic x Dcollecting posters, admiring actresses or singers its the same. just because they admire a look doesnt mean there ***** every skirt in sight Guess it depends on the age, or if you are single.

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Tiny Naomi in sexy bikini try anal sex, flexy girl Suzanna spreads her legs as wide as it possible and shows her pink hairy pussy close up.Cool girl Julia from Teen Dreams takes off her schoolgirl dress and you can see her nude in white socks only.Dirty Anna gets hammered by her boss in doggy-style right in's her first day at work... :)Teen babe Gerri poses on kitchen in smoking hot see-thru maid uniform, blonde Katie with shiny curly hairs gives her head to boyfriend outdoor.He would say things like 'Hey don't been to be a weirdo but wanted to say hey and how you been' and things like 'we'll have to catch up soon'. See some guys just love to look at hot girls, its just a guy thing, in fact some women like to look at muscle men and scream, but it doesn't hurt anybody to admire beauty.These are girls i know aren't apart of any of his friendship groups, and are obviously attractive. Also his friend had been messaging him pictures of random girls in bikini's and he would reply 'so hot hey'. In the end, he has you, and you are real and sincere, and all you have to do is give him lots of loving, it will be okay, just leave it alone and not make a big deal, he will get tired of that and move on to something else.Some guys are just so sneaky then they wonder why we don't trust them!


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