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Aside from the 70D, the closest sibling to the 80D is the more professionally-oriented Canon EOS 7D Mark II.

It uses a slightly lower resolution chip and offers less dynamic range than the 80D.

Dual Pixel AF not only allows for continuous focus during video capture, but during still capture (in live view mode) as well.

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Of course the full frame Canon 6D now falls into a similar price class to the both the 80D and 7D Mark II, making it worthy of consideration.

Although it's far from new the 6D remains a solid and popular camera despite its comparatively simplistic AF system.

A headphone socket has been added to compliment its microphone port.

Other improvements come in the form of a new mirror vibration control system (similar to the 5DS and 7D Mark II), which should help reduce the blur-inducing effects of shutter shock.

Fortunately, the 80D marks a significant step forward in Canon's sensor development, offering much better DR than the 70D or 7D Mark II.

But the new sensor isn't interesting just because of the pictures it can capture.

Suddenly I thought what DPR rating for this camera !

I m shocked to see silver award to this largest selling camera from canon !

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