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We assure a high level of online safety for all concerned clients. And your format is incredibly refined so as to make my finding quick and easy. We take security very seriously because we want you to enjoy your dates with confidence and peace of mind.

If someone looks interesting, you can chat with them online before deciding to meet up., the country's largest online dating service, says it has over 170 million registered members, many of whom are college-educated company employees in big cities.

The long-term future of China's online dating market may depend on whether the sites can do what parents cannot: change the minds of those steadfast singles.

Every weekend, the parents of Shanghai’s unmarried population gather to find potential partners for their adult children.

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Another young woman who lives in Dalian, Liaoning Province, quarrels with her parents over marriage every year when she goes home for the Chinese New Year holidays.

Almost all her former classmates in the farming village in Heilongjiang Province are married with children.

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  3. Now you can chat with only girls or only boys free and anonymous.

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