Chivalry and dating etiquette

I don’t see the problem in wanting to be protected and kept safe.

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Do I deserve special treatment because I’m a woman? I don’t need a knight in shining armor to save me, but if I’m out with my partner and someone gives me crap for whatever reason, I want my partner to come to my side and defend me. Recently I was on a date with someone, who, as we walked, moved himself to the outside of the sidewalk so he was the one closer to the street.

No, but if I’m looking tired and clearly at the end of my rope, it’s the polite thing to do. I don’t want someone who’s going to sheepishly sit there quietly expecting me to fight my own battle when they’ve decided to be my partner. It wasn’t that he was suggesting that he, as a man, could fight off any barreling truck in a way that I couldn’t (because no one can beat a truck), but it was an act of protection.

Meanwhile, you are still trying to lockdown the first guy.

You want to play hard to get but not too hard as to not seem uninterested.

So, you settle for some kind of relationship, if you can even call it that, where you share parts of yourselves, you regularly text, you sleep in each other’s beds but the mention of the word “dating” is not allowed. You go on date after date, and you see a lot of potential.

Be careful though, you cannot just assume that because you are going on dates, you are “dating.” Common questions that go through your head a million times include: Is he spending time with other girls? So, you start dating another guy to not get too attached to the guy you are actually dating.

Then, no, you don't need to wait three days before texting.

Plus, planning it yourself shows you're willing to put in mutual effort and interest," says licensed psychologist Qua Vaundra Perry, Ph D, of Perry Psychological and Consultation Services. It doesn't mean the person has bad manners just because they reserved the right to not open your door or they forget to pull out your chair a few times.

Of course I can do it myself, but to find a guy who would do such a thing is such a novelty that it would be near-impossible not to fall in love with him on the spot. The times in my life that I’ve been given flowers by my male partners, I all but fell over.


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