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The Song of Roland was the most famous 'chanson de geste' and was composed between 1098-1100, describing the betrayal of Count Roland at the hand of Ganelon, and his resulting death in the Pyranee Mountains at the hands of the Saracens.

You can take this major step at your own pace and comfort level.

Thinking otherwise is just another life rule you need to ditch by age 40.

Well, you’re going to meet your date at the location of your outing.

It’s kind of a safety issue and less of a rule of etiquette.

The Knights Code of Chivalry was part of the culture of the Middle Ages and was understood by all.

A Code of Chivalry was documented in ' The Song of Roland' in the Middle Ages Knights period of William the Conqueror who ruled England from 1066.

Part of the reason why someone would pick up their date at home is so they could meet the parents before the big night out on the town.

And while this rule may still be true for teenagers and people with very strict parents, most adults see meeting the parents as a This rule is seriously archaic.

At the cross-section, of course, are a batch of outrageous dating etiquette rules your parents followed.


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