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In addition to setting a powerful example, creating and using teachable moments can have a large impact on the way teens develop their character. Family time can include a structured lesson plan that opens the floor to discuss important moral issues.

Plus, as things come up in daily life, they should be used as teaching opportunities.

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The research found that 62% of the same teens said they cheated on a test, 82% said they had lied to a parent about something significant, and 27% had stolen something from a store, all in the last 12 months.

The Institute postulates that this discrepancy is explained by cynicism.

These 7 rules for Christian dating has precedent in a faith that is all about temperance, conscious choice and love...

As it is stated in the Bible, “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. But, if you’re meeting online on a platform like Elite Singles, how can you get a sense of one’s commitment to faith?

Driving allows them to move around independently and make more of their decisions when parents are not present to provide guidance.

The Surgeon General, among others, has emphasized the importance of teaching teens values, as well as allowing them to make choices and experience the results.The most effective way to teach teens morals and values is by example.Teens need a structured family environment, where they learn to be honest, healthy, moral, and safe by watching others.The 2004 biennial study of about 25,000 high school students by the Josephson Institute of Ethics sheds some light on this.The research found that while 98% of the teens said it was important to be a person of good character, 90% said that being a good person is more important than being rich, and 98% and 94% respectively said that in personal relationships first and in business and the workplace second, trust and honesty are essential, their behavior didn’t match.For example, if a young girl in your teens school has become pregnant, talk about the issue and consequences of teen pregnancy with your teen.

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