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The Weston Art Gallery Archive and Library is an active collection documenting the presenting program of the Cincinnati Arts Association's Alice F. The Archive's mission is to increase the longevity and awareness of their artistic output and to promote the critical understanding of their work and the Cincinnati arts community. It tracks the artistic careers of more than 800 artists, curators, designers, and performers who have been associated with the Weston since its founding in 1995.Additionally, we are in the process of launching a searchable database of our holdings.

Downtown Cincinnati has had its troubles, but it never became a ghost town.

The department stores closed, but hotels and a convention center and a lovely addition to the public library were built.

Now the whole area is boarded up and littered with broken glass.

After the riots in 1968, the two synagogues in our neighborhood packed up and resettled in the pale suburbs.

Think of Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler, who made his name fighting Mr.

Leis; or Dennis Barrie, director of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who tried to show Robert Mapplethorpe's photographs at a small Cincinnati gallery; or Jerry Springer, who lost his job as mayor after writing a check to a Kentucky prostitute and then found fame on TV.

We lived -- my parents still live -- in North Avondale, a liberal paradise, as I've come to realize.

It was lower- to upper-middle-class and black and white, with subtle boundaries, to be sure -- but we all went together to elementary school and played in each other's backyards and basements.

The city ignored a commission's recommendations that it look into charges of police brutality.

The neighborhood's commercial strip was trashed and never really recovered -- Newark or Detroit in miniature.

The gadflies prosper, and the power structure remains the same.


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  2. He is known as Vinki, his nickname, among his family members.

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