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However, there's nothing stopping you from building a device that's more than just i Beacon.

cllocationmanager stopupdatinglocation not working-42

swift,ios8,cllocationmanager I see several issues with what you posted, here are just two: You are calling location Manager.start Updating Location() from view Did Load this will only fire if the view is not already loaded into memory.

Recommend moving this into view Will Appear so it fires every time.

CBPeripheral has a RSSI property, which is deprecated in i OS8, Apple recommends to use read RSSI instead.

Since normally, you should read your i Beacons values through CLBeacon (Core Location.framework), i'd recommend to use rssi.

Thanks @rmaddy – Ryan Westcott Sep 26 '15 at | 2 Answersup vote 5 down vote This works for me Swift 2 - (Xcode 7.2.1) View Controller.swiftimport UIKitimport Core Locationclass View Controller: UIView Controller, CLLocation Manager Delegate info.plist Add a new line Information Property List: NSLocation When In Use Usage Description Type: String Value: The application uses this information to show you your location | this answer answered Mar 13 '16 at user3410437 331 4 6 | up vote 0 down vote Try getting the location by getting the last object for the array locations in the method location Manager(_:,did Update Locations locations: [CLLocations]) .

Hi, I have this code that just to work fine to get location updates, then from a time being, the code is not working, the Locations Updated method is never called. Status property has a value of "Not Determined" even after I went to Settings/Privacy and enabled the location service for my app. This code should be rewritten: if (location Manager.responds To Selector(Selector("request When In Use Authorization"))) { location Manager.request When In Use Authorization(),android-studio,bluetooth-lowenergy,ibeacon I'm the one who wrote that code about two years ago.Since then it has been rewritten and is now available in a ready to run Android Studio reference app here: Beacon/android-beacon-library-reference You do have to make one change to it to get it to detect i Beacons. ibeacon,mobilefirst If you use as-is the following function in i OSNativei Beacons/i OSNativei Beacons Library/WLBeacons Location Manager.m, then beacon-trigger's action Payload can either be a local alert or a call to an adapter procedure. -(void) fire Trigger Action:(WLBeacon Trigger *)beacon Trigger for WLBeacon:(WLBeacon *)wl Beacon { NSString *branch Name = [wl Beacon.custom Data object For Key:@"branch Name"]; NSString *alert Message = [beacon Trigger.action Payload object For Key:@"alert"]; if(alert Message...ibeacon Technically speaking, i Beacon is a standard designed for broadcast-only, meaning that it can only advertise data (UUID, Major, and Minor). I found CLLocation Manager for Rx Swfit have most API.


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