College freshman dating high school sophomore

The number of years spent in university varies as different courses of study take different numbers of years.Those in the last year of high school (Grade 12) are referred to as 'Matrics' or are in 'Matric' and take the Grade 12 examinations accredited by the Umalusi Council (the South African board of education) in October and November of their Matric year.

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In India school is categorized in these stages: Pre-primary (Nursery, Lower Kindergarten or LKG, Upper Kindergarten or UKG), Primary (Class 1-5), Secondary (6-10) and Higher Secondary (11-12).

For undergraduate it is 3 years except Engineering (BTech or BE) which is of 4 years degree course, Architecture (B.

On the other hand, colleges of education give out NCE (Nigerian Certificate in Education) after a two year period of study.

In South Africa, education is divided into four bands: Foundation Phase (grades 1–3), Intermediate Phase (grades 4–6), Senior Phase (grades 7–9), and the Further Education and Training or FET Phase (grades 10–12).

In the United Kingdom and India, the term "student" denotes those enrolled in secondary schools and higher (e.g., college or university); those enrolled in primary/elementary schools are called "pupils." In Nigeria, education is classified into four system known as a 6-3-3-4 system of education.

It implies six years in primary school, three years in junior secondary, three years in senior secondary and four years in the university.However, the number of years to be spent in university is mostly determined by the course of study. Those in primary school are often referred to as pupils.Those in university, as well as those in secondary school, are being referred to as students.Several stages have to be undergone by the prospective students leading to higher qualifications, such as Bachelor's Degree.It takes six and five years to complete the primary and secondary levels respectively.But the guardian must ensure the primary education.


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