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The difference between most Western countries and Japan is that Westerners would divorce or abstain if they were caught in a sexless relationship, while Japanese stay married and have extramarital affairs.Besides, northern and western Europeans (at least) are increasingly having children without ever getting married.

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Meanwhile, materialistic secondary school student Gucci (Venus Wong) needs money to buy a limited edition Gucci handbag and decides to try selling herself on the Internet.

Through various circumstances, these girls soon become friends, connected by the compensated dating lifestyle that will also threaten to tear them apart.

mod=viewthread&tid=45309, the introducer will receive 200-300 yuan as commission, part of the introducer is by the students act as "little groom" by regular customers or friends, hand there were 2,3 compensated dating girls.

He added that more cases were recently recognized by the online gaming guests, "when she was asked to play the machine not to make money, can make rent girlfriend" cause for concern.

mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, and even sexual violence or criminal intimidation, but the vast majority of respondents would suffer in silence, only a person who was armed with guests sex video blackmail, before deciding on the police,

mod=viewthread&tid=1631822, and the success of incriminating evidence.According to the Durex global sex survey the Japanese are the national group that have sex the least often among the surveyed countries around the world.37% of Japanese respondents said they had sex at least once a week (as opposed to 78% in China, 70 to 87% in southern Europe and 55 to 80% in northern Europe), and a dismal 15% admitted to being sexually satisfied.This state of affairs has implacable consequences on the way Japanese society functions.The Japanese sex industry is the biggest in the world (in terms of money generated).item/create_form/2, learning to operate covert way compensated dating.

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