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The second reason is that you don't get complimented for doing them like you might for cooking dinner.The third is that women too often get saddled with chores that involve cleaning up messes created by their kids and partner, while said partner gets to mow the lawn and chop firewood or whatever.Even if it turns out horribly, it’ll give you something to laugh about on your second date! Whatever you cook on a first date should encourage you to talk about more than the usual “get to know you” stuff.

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Making a meal on the first or second date can be more relaxing and fun than going out to a restaurant because your focus is on the food preparation, not on each other.

And yet, it still gives you and your date the chance to talk about what’s important to you.

He says he is not eating that – in such a tone of disgust and goes away.

I burst into tears and look at it all, such a failure.

This might also link with motherhood or responsibility – of feeding ones family. The active and practical side of our nature that can transform inedible aspects of a relationship or situation into something that satisfies us; the sense of responsibility that ‘feeds the family’; female reproductive ability – puts one thing in the oven – sperm and ovum – and out comes something else – baby; need for, or ability to nourish oneself and provide for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.# As in the example, ways we transform ‘inedible’ or ‘unpalatable’ aspects of our life.

This also might suggest you are working with ideas, possibilities, to create something, a project perhaps, that will satisfy you in some way.

If the meal does require preparation, do it in advance. Focus on the things that matter – which are more important than impressing a first date by cooking dinner at home.

Better yet, invite your date into the kitchen and give him some slicing and dicing to do.9. Does she balk at the idea of putting on an apron, or is she right there beside you, chopping up those onions?

In some dreams cooking reflects how you feel about yourself in a relationship or in life. Such dreams might reflect how people important to you criticise you, leaving you with a sense of failure.

Example: My eldest son looks at the sweet – a soufflé which has wine in and is really special.

” and I told him “I was going to say that you can have it all”…..


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