Craig dating danyl johnson

Craig, 22, had tweeted the next day: "Had a great night with my pal @Danyl AJohnson," the report said.

The duo later went to the West End to watch "Ghost the Musical" and sped off in Johnson's motor."They're very much the item.

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Colton was spotted kissing Johnson on London's South Bank on Sunday night, and he rushed back from a Children in Need gala dinner in Manchester to go shopping with him on Wednesday, in the West End and left in Johnson's car.

Colton tweeted the next day: "Had a great night with my pal @Danyl AJohnson." A source said: "They're very much the item.

X-Factor's current season gets spicier after media reports emerged that finalist Craig Colton is dating Danyl Johnson, a former finalist in the 2009 series of the show.

Danyl, who is a bisexual, was reportedly spending "close time" with Craig for the last few weeks in the backstage at the reality show, the Sun has reported.

“Marcus has warned Craig he needs to concentrate on his performances and not get distracted,” a source added.

“He’s worried for his friend.” Craig is rumoured to be performing a song from a James Bond film on Saturday night’s movie-themed edition of the show.

And the paper claims they have since been spotted kissing on London’s South Bank – while Craig is said to have rushed home from a Children In Need gala dinner in Manchester to go shoppping with 29-year-old Danyl.

They also went to see the West End musical Ghost this week, and were seen leaving in Danyl’s car afterwards – and a source told The Sun that they were “very much the item”.

"So it helps a lot being around those types of people."Meanwhile, another X-Factor contestant Scouser Marcus Collins, Craig's rival and friend, has not taken the Craig-Danyl relationship very well.

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