this is grimsby co ukdating - Cramfs updating ok

Image Name: Linux-2.6.31-rt11-lab126 Image Type: ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed) Data Size: 4616864 Bytes = 4.4 MB Load Address: 70008000 Entry Point: 70008000 Verifying Checksum ... 0 //dev/mmcblk0p4: CHS=4/16/43712 size=1432354816 bytes flag type first last lba first lba size Partition p1: 0x00 0x0b 16 Partition p2: Partition p3: Partition p4: BOOTING DEFAULT.

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Hi all, You may have noticed that Wowwee have released the original version of RSMeida firmware and a reflashing script.

It has been uploaded to the Robocommunity download area. Reflashing the original firmware could fix any corruption in system files, default files and maybe personality files.

No WAN found info system:config:platform=yoshime3,board=celeste,rev= 22,proto=Y,wifi=Y,wan=N: info milestone:6.02:sy51: lipc-send-event[561]: E lipc:con:: Connection error(Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory) lipc-send-event[561]: C def:dbusi:: Failed to init dbus lipc-send-event[561]: E def:open:: Failed to open LIPC lipc-send-event[561]: E def:fail:source=com.lab126.hal, event=usb Plug In: Sending event failed lipc-send-event[558]: E lipc:con:: Connection error(Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory) lipc-send-event[558]: C def:dbusi:: Failed to init dbus lipc-send-event[558]: E def:open:: Failed to open LIPC lipc-send-event[558]: E def:fail:source=com.lab126.hal, event=usb Plug In: Sending event failed info milestone:6.80:sy99: info system:done:time=6830: init.exe: Failed to spawn sshd main process: unable to execute: No such file or directory crond[599]: crond: crond (busybox 1.17.1) started, log level 8 init.exe: recevent pre-start process (602) terminated with status 1 info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mountingcramfs: Mounting compressed directories filesystem images: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /lib/firmware/cyttsp.mounted: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /usr/share/X11/xkb.mounted: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /usr/java/lib/fonts.mounted: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /etc/mounted: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /usr/lib/locale.mounted: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /usr/share/keyboard.mounted: info system:emiting_event:mounted_cramfs_loopbacks: debug sytem:event_emitted:mounted_cramfs_loopbacks: info milestone:7.79:fs75: info system:emiting_event:loaded_modules_dependencies: debug sytem:event_emitted:loaded_modules_dependencies: info modules:modprobe:loading module g_file_storage: Welcome to Kindle!

No WAN found info system:emiting_event:loaded_ppp_async: debug sytem:event_emitted:loaded_ppp_async: info milestone:8.29:fs00: info system:emiting_event:loaded_fakekey: debug sytem:event_emitted:loaded_fakekey: info filesystems_var_local:createnotransitions:file=/var/local/system/no_transitions: Creating no transitions file info filesystems_var_local:createvarlocalfirstboot:file =/var/local/system/localvar_firstboot: Creating var local first boot file info milestone:9.43:fs23: info system:emiting_event:migrate_DB: debug sytem:event_emitted:migrate_DB: info filesystems_var_local:createvarlocaldbupgrade:file =/var/local/system/LOCALVAR_DBUPGRADE: Creating var local db upgrade file info milestone:9.52:fs25: info milestone:9.52:mdb1: info milestone:9.57:mdb2: info DB_MIGRATION: Moving cc db to tmpfs:: info milestone:9.64:mdb5: info milestone:9.66:mdb25: info system:emiting_event:mounted_var Local: debug sytem:event_emitted:mounted_var Local: info milestone:9.76:vi00: info system:emiting_event:loaded_touch: debug sytem:event_emitted:loaded_touch: info display:update: Creating panel directory: info display:update: Creating waveform proxy from /var/local/eink/waveforms/06_05_009e_3c_2b3401_07_db_00000d87_85_12at /mnt/wfm/waveform_to_use: info display:update: Displaying splash screen: info milestone:23.39:vi99: info display:started:time=23410: info system:emiting_event:display_ready: debug sytem:event_emitted:display_ready: info userstore:run:time=23650,action=start: info userstore:mntus.param_not_found::mntus.param not found, initializing volume info battery:charged:cap=92,m V=4111,m AH=1190: info userstore:check_us::checking userstore filesystem info system:emiting_event:battery_ready: debug sytem:event_emitted:battery_ready: info userstore:create_default::creating userstore system and documents directories I info system:emiting_event:mounted_userstore: debug sytem:event_emitted:mounted_userstore: info milestone:25.20:fs50: info milestone:25.24:fs90: info milestone:25.27:fs99: info milestone:25.31:sys99: info system:emiting_event:dbus_ready: debug sytem:event_emitted:dbus_ready: info dbus:check-update:status=2:dbus_ready sent info hardware:no_wan:: Wi Fi only device.

################################################# [[email protected] root]# echo 0 /var/local/upstart/lab126_gui.restarts [[email protected] root]# ls /var/local eink log system appregdbupgrade first log upstart archive font mesquite blanket java reg [[email protected] root]# rm -r /var/local rm: can't remove '/var/local': Device or resource busy [[email protected] root]# ls /var/local [[email protected] root]# cd /mnt/us [[email protected] us]# ls diagnostic_logs documents system [[email protected] us]# cd documents/ [[email protected] documents]# ls Kindle_Users_Guide.azw3 dictionaries [[email protected] documents]# cd ..

[[email protected] us]# touch DO_FACTORY_RESTORE [[email protected] us]# ls DO_FACTORY_RESTORE documents diagnostic_logs system [[email protected] us]# reboot The system is going down NOW!Actually this is fantastic news for two reasons:- Although I suspect that there are very few who have any warranty left on a RSMedia anyway!!) ALSO BE WARNED THAT THIS HASNT BEEN TESTED MUCH YET - there is a risk that if something goes wrong then you may never be able to boot the robot again!!Hello, my Kindle Paperwhite shows "Your Kindle needs repair. I tried using script with loop to put file on this drive when rebooting it, but it's not working so this method won't help me :( . Output: In: serial Out: logbuff Err: logbuff Quick Memory Test 0x70000000, 0xfffc000 POST done in 17 ms Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0 ## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 70800000 ... MX50 LPDDR2 Mfg ID: 0x3 [Elpida] 2.6.31-rt11-lab126 #1 Mon Apr 28 PDT 2014 armv7l Press [ENTER] for recovery menu... I read I can put DO_FACTORY_RESTORE on kindle USB drive, but when I connect it to my PC the drive is ejected.Heres a quick summary of what I tested tonight :- Something did go wrong a few times - my SDCard is fairly loose and it can sometimes stop working - it did this in the middle of a reflashing.


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