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Angus Mac Lise was brought back in as drummer, with Maureen [drummer Moe Tucker] switching to bass.According to [guitarist] Sterling [Morrison], Angus realized what a mistake he had made in quitting the group and hoped to be allowed back in.

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“Lou was sitting on the edge of his bed in a bathrobe,” recalled Malanga.

“Lou was yellow in the face, he had a yellow pall and looked sickly—he always looked sickly.

In June of 1966, as part of Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable multimedia extravaganza, the Velvet Underground went to Chicago for a week’s worth of performances. Despite this setback, the shows were a resounding success for this rather new band, though this lineup would never play together again.

Following the big splash made in New York City by the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, the entire production—which included the Velvet Underground, Nico, dancers, a lighting tech, Warhol, and others—went west for a California tour.

Lou, however, still angry about Mac Lise’s defection, was adamant about punishing Angus and maintaining his loyalty to Moe.

When Warhol, [EPI dancer and Warhol associate, Gerard] Malanga, and Mac Lise stopped by Beth Israel Hospital to inform Reed of the alterations in the lineup, Gerard could see that he was disturbed by it.

Disability worker Hope Barden, 21, was moonlighting as a webcam girl to make extra cash when pervert Jerome Dangar, 45, paid her to strangle herself — then watched as she suffocated in March 2018 without calling for help.

woman died from suffocation when she strangled herself for an online creep who paid her to perform “dangerous and degrading” webcam sex acts while he watched from home, a coroner ruled Wednesday.

Though they’d received some notoriety at this early stage, the Velvet Underground were still largely unknown.

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