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Could you really get to know the other person while trying to work out the game in front of you?

This actually became more of a challenge than I thought or maybe it was my male inability to do two things at once.

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A striking place kitted out with stripped back brickwork and luxurious leather booths, Forge puts…

To sum it up, the event was extremely disorganized, chaotic, and the chosen venue was absolutely a horrible choice to host a speed dating event.

I tried Date n Dash last month at their event at Knoxville's.

The lady running it showed up late and was pushy and rude to all of us throughout the event.

All in all I had a fun night, I’m not sure if speed dating is my chosen style of dating as I prefer to play the longer game talking to people I do have chemistry with and developing a conversation, along with attraction.

If you’d like to try something new, an imaginative slant on dating events then take a look at their website @ and get booked in, you will have a great time.

I bought a ticket to attend a speed dating event in Phoenix, AZ.

At 1 pm the day of the event, I received an email stating the event was cancelled and that I should reschedule for another event.

We handed in our score cards where we ticked yes, no or possible friend.

These were to be fed into the Date In A Dash system where we would be notified online about any possible matches.

It was very unbalanced in terms of male/female ratio; 12 guys total showed up, with only 2 girls for them to speed date.


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