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The numbers support that theory: 15.9% got hitched at some point within the past five years, well above the average across all occupations.We suspect that frequent interactions with puppies may also be a contributing factor here, which is our pretext for including this picture of a baby golden retriever: Civil Engineers Civil engineers design roads and bridges that are able to support thousands of tons of weight in constantly shifting, sometimes adverse conditions.Using data from the US Census Bureau, we looked at several metrics of romantic success for men and women in 480 different occupations. How many people holding this job are divorced or separated, and have not remarried?

They can diagnose sick patients, treat illnesses, assist in surgery and write prescriptions, to name just a few of their skills.

Schooling to become a PA takes at least three years, and is followed by more than 2,000 hours of clinical rotations.

This is the percent of job-holders who tied the knot within the past five years. Environmental Scientists and Geoscientists In general, environmental scientists spend a lot of time outdoors, collecting samples from the field and gathering data on the changing state of the environment.

We gave this metric double-weight (read more on our methodology below). All that fresh air may have a positive effect on their love lives as well: 16.4% of female environmental scientists tied the knot at some point in the past five years, double the national average, and just 11% are divorced.

They are often self-employed, which means they get to set their own hours and they don’t have to answer to a boss, and, since candy and soda aren’t going anywhere, their job security is good. Architects Architects are both artists and engineers. Pharmacists The average pharmacist earns six figures—$114,000 per year, to be precise—yet unlike many other six-figure professions, pharmacists often work in low-stress environments.

They design homes, sky-scrapers, hospitals, churches, schools and football stadiums, to name a few. That leaves them with more time and energy to focus on dating, finding love and starting a family.These experiences, and the perspective that comes with them, may prove invaluable when it comes to romantic relationships.Dentists Dentists earn a median annual salary of 9,310.Electrical and Electronics Engineers How is the heart wired?It’s a question that we are not prepared to answer, but that an electrical engineer just might be.If you’re tired of living the single life, however, and sick of all the same old routines—online dating, the bar scene—maybe it’s time to try a new tack.


  1. He came home every 6 months for about 2 weeks at a time. I hated the army, I wanted him to quit, he wanted to quit, we fought a lot, but we never ever broke up (we wanted to get married but I had failed my senior year because I missed to much school, because I was extremely depressed) About 2 years into his career he got deployed, I was devastated, but I remained strong over the phone, I tried to be as supportive as possible. Soon after he injured his ankle during training, he broke his ankle, ultimately he got med boarded, and came home in 2007. In 2008 I started thinking about joining, he supported me, told me probably everything I need to know, answered all of my questions and I joined the army as a dental specialist September 2009. If I could give any advice it would be to remain strong in yourself, and remain strong for your soldier. He thought I was the coolest girl ever for knowing the words to a song few other girls would, and I simply thought he was amazing.

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