Dating a man with a bad temper why hes dating her instead of you

However, when you know these nine things, dating a Cancer is a lot easier and you can even end up marrying them.Cancers have a tender heart and a sensitive soul, but they hide all their emotions and feelings.

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On the other hand, their perfectionism can ruin your identity. They can sacrifice their own needs, plans, and desires just because you ask them to be there for you.

Need someone to help you out with a difficult project? They are not introverts and they are pretty sociable, but they love to spend their time at home.

They will not date you ‘just because.’ Cancers are not afraid of commitment and they do not run away as soon as a problem appears. Read also – 8 Things to Remember When Dating a Leo Woman When dating a Cancer, you will never feel a lack of passion in your relationship.

Passion is what drives them and add meaning to their life. They are ready to work days and nights to achieve success and become leaders.

Cancers are relatively romantic, especially Cancer girls, so be sure you appreciate all those romantic night dates and unexpected road trips. When it comes to relationships, Cancers strive to be leaders too and they can easily get mad if you do not agree with them.

On the one hand, this trait is great because you will never have to worry about money. No matter what you ask your Cancer partner to do, be sure they will not let you down. When in a relationship with Cancer, you can be happy and miserable at the same time. Because these complicated personalities can turn your life into something indescribable.I plan on later becoming a Marriage and Family counselor so I THINK the best place to start is within my own relationship, Sometimes he is the sweetest man ever, and I adore spending time with him, then at times its like he's sitting on a throne and I am catering more to his needs than he is to mines.Sometimes I think common sense should tell a man how to act towards his woman, but then I remember we have different views, I just basically would like to know why he can't/ or won't diverge away from his traditions for just a while (relationship wise), because I consider myself to be feminist, yet I've sacrificed some of that pride and cooked a few meals, cleaned up a bit, and done so without griping or complaining, wonder if he'd do the same, You will definitely expect different things like behaviours and understanding of opinions.BUT, if that joker aint acting right, and his behavour is INCONSISTENT and not what you want in a man, let his tail GO! Remember, Brothas, weather from US or Nigeria are not all put in the same category. As far as the culture thing, someone on Nairaland may better help u with that understanding, love & light,if you are dating a Nigerian man you must expect many things, in the culture of the Nigerians they always love to dominate their partner which means you should e somebody that is very patient, they always want to show that they are the Husband which means you have to be humble another thing you should expect is that they are easily carried away with love which means you need to hold unto him tightly so that he will not be snatched away from you/ Nigerian men love to be cared for.

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