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While you're here why not have a go at our museum quiz, or give the bugle a go!ENTRANCE RATES 2018 All paid entry includes an annual pass, including adults, children, family passes and railway discounts.

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Our displays include uniforms through the ages, paintings and decorative arts, superb medals, an outstanding collection of weaponry and a few surprises!

Join us for one of our many events, or just come along to browse our collection.

Explore one of Bodmin’s most imposing historic buildings, Bodmin Keep.

Discover a warm welcome at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, a fun and friendly attraction, suitable for all the family. Situated close to Bodmin & Wenford Railway, we house one of the finest military collections in the South West.

In 1867 an attempt at weight reduction by removing part of the front and rear peaks did not prove successful.

Some versions of the Pickelhaube worn by German artillery units employed a ball-shaped finial rather than the pointed spike.The most common plate design consisted of a large, spread-winged eagle, the emblem used by Prussia.Different plate designs were used by Bavaria, Württemberg, Baden, and the other German states.The use of the Pickelhaube spread rapidly to other German principalities.Oldenburg adopted it by 1849, Baden by 1870, and in 1887, the Kingdom of Bavaria was the last German state to adopt the Pickelhaube.During the second half of the 19th century, the armies of a number of nations besides Russia (including Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, Norway, and Sweden) adopted the Pickelhaube or something very similar.


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