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If you want to have a relatively mellow date, sit at the bar, order a draft cocktail, and pick at some hummus or bruschetta while you try to figure out how good you are at judging someone’s character.If the Richardson were in the West Village, it would be busy every night.

This is very strange, because it’s perfect for any kind of date.

They have over 70 types of wine by the glass, the Italian food is very good, and the staff treats you as though you’re a family member who was once presumed missing.

The Exley, for example, is a perfectly nice spot where you can get a good cocktail and play a board game - and it never seems to get too crowded.

It’s just one room with a small bar and a few tables, and it’s great for when you might want to hang out and play Cranium with someone who isn’t pathologically competitive.

Typically, you don’t leave here without eating some of those, but you can also just sit at the u-shaped bar and order a cocktail from a bartender in suspenders.

Expect a wait if you’re trying to hit this place at a peak time. Maize on any given night, and roughly 95% of the people there will be on a date.

They make great cocktails here, they serve some sandwiches and small plates, and (since it’s in a less-busy part of Williamsburg) you can always find a table here.

For a quiet first date when you just want to sit in a dark room and listen to someone complain about work while you stare into his or her eyes, come here. It’s tiny cocktail bar that feels like a hotel lobby and it’s about two feet from a bodega and three more feet from the nearest train stop (at Graham Avenue).

Plus, the space looks like a secret room you’d find in a mansion behind a revolving fireplace.

Take advantage of the fact that not everyone (or even close to everyone) knows about it yet.

The bartenders here take their jobs pretty seriously (but not in a pretentious sort of way), the drink list longer than most, and you can take a shot out of a tiny glass boot.


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