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Be the wonderful kind of person you’d like to spend time with! Do you really need to know that much about a person before going out on a first date?

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I do not think it is fair to put restraints on love and say that it has to stay exclusively in the same religion or race, but sometimes I think Gentiles do not understand where I come from as a Jew. You’ve begun a spiritual journey that we hope will continue to fulfill you for a lifetime.

Because of this, I think that maybe only a Jewish woman would be able to understand me. As for your question: We advocate that Jews date only Jews.

Much of Jewish dating advice isn’t that much different than you need to know who you are and what you need to be happy.

You don’t want to be, “looking for love in all the wrong places.” Too many people have wasted much too much time searching where they shouldn’t have been. So don’t get hung up on needing to know everything about someone before even going out with them on a first date. You’ll find out everything you need to know as you get to know the person better.

Jewish dating advice is important and detailed enough to have it’s own site dedicated to it. Once you’ve identified who you are it’s time to identify the kind of person you are looking for. You don’t want to waste your time (or someone else’s time) looking for the wrong person. For now, if they fit your search criteria and you like how they look, stop thinking and start contacting!

Our founder Arnie Singer has certainly given lots of it over the years. You’ll never really know until you try, so give your self the chance to succeed.

I started practicing Judaism about a year ago and much of this is still so new to me, but I have never felt so fulfilled in my life.

I only dated non-Jewish women, mainly because there are few Jews in the middle of Kansas, and because I never knew of my heritage until recently. Shalom, Kenny in Kansas Mazal Tov on discovering your Jewish roots!

They understood that even people who insist they will stop dating non-Jews once they are ready for marriage may find themselves pushing this aside when they fall in love with the nice gentile they’ve been dating but never thought of marrying until now.


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