dating olympia washington - Dating after divorce pitfalls

It perceives anger as a stressor that is STILL happening.

The best, but most difficult way to release anger towards your ex is to forgive.

Take note on the qualities about your ex that you liked, and note their qualities that you absolutely could never live with again, and drove you to near madness.

What about them brought out the best, and the worst, in you?

5 Powerful Mantras for Letting Go of Anger Toward Your Ex-Husband Give yourself ample time to heal, reflect, and grow. Don’t rebound into a new relationship (whether it be emotional or sexual) right away.

Take a breather, and be on your own two feet for a bit. A new relationship may make you feel better at first, but be aware it could just be a crutch- an easy way of avoiding the plethora of feelings swirling around your psyche whenever you are alone.

But keep your priorities in order and don’t go too fast out of the gates, especially if you still have young children at home. In the age of the internet, good ol’ fashion ways of meeting people in real-time has gone by the wayside. Also, plan fun outings and have them be your wing-women or wing-men.

But getting back out there, in-person, instead of sitting alone shopping for potential dates online, is a great way to have fun, experience new things, and meet new people with similar interests. Sometimes it’s easier for a friend to approach someone you’re eyeing from across the room.

Dating can seem overwhelming coming out of divorce.

Perhaps it’s been eons since you last swam in the dating pool- have you forgotten how?

The new lover could be ‘drug like’, an escape from yourself, and almost feel like an addiction- not a healthy one.


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