Dating after separation soon

First time poster, came over from the dead bedrooms sub.

Some people will be scared off, and some people won't. Then they tried reconciling for a few months starting around this same time 2015.

Some dates will be awesome and some dates won't. ( he left in June 2016 divorced w finalized in May 2017) Knowing what i know now i probably wouldnt do it again. The baggage this woman had especially during our first 6mos made things tough...

Have not started OLD and have zero experience with it.

I am wondering how worried I need to be that I will scare off people by letting them know that I am only three months out of a very long marriage.

Just be honest with everyone you meet, and be honest with yourself about what you're able/unable (or want/don't want) to give to a romantic partner at this time in your life. Good luck, you sound like you’re ready, at least physically. I don't know how to add the info to my username, but I am a woman so I am looking for like minded men, just to be clear.

As a divorced person, I'd suggest casually dating people who are also looking to casually date, until you get a better sense of your new life and new desires and needs. You aren’t looking to get married again or locked down so be up front about that. Don't have much experience dating in general and add to that since it has been 28 years with the same guy, I am trying to figure this out.

All in all i can say that some people might be a bit reluctant. I can kind of understand the perspective of worrying about someone who is so fresh out of a very long term relationship.

I did actually meet someone when I was out dancing and I gave him my phone number (a first for me) and he seemed interested, but when I told him about my situation he really backed off. He had an opinion about the stage where I am right now and it must not fit with what he's looking for, or else maybe he wasn't ever interested anyway and I misinterpreted the whole thing. (I met the greatest person who was just divorced, we had an amazing 3 months, but ultimately, she wanted to see what else is out there so we parted on good terms and stay in touch)Everyone is in a different place - find the people who mesh with you at this point in your life.

Even though I felt alone and had checked out of my marriage a year before we actually divorced, I still came out of it not knowing me, myself and I.


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