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This suggests he is trying to entertain the crowds but has no intention of cleaning the Augean stables.French officials know that were cases to be brought to court, many French companies would be shown to be the source of bribes.Algerian students were in the streets already in a protest planned to coincide with the parliamentary gathering.

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Many had predicted violence would be the inevitable outcome of the mass popular revolt.

That has not been the case and attempts by authorities to slow internet access or block news websites had little real effect.

ALGIERS, Algeria — Algeria’s parliament named an interim leader Tuesday to replace former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who resigned last week under pressure from a pro-democracy protest movement that won the army’s backing.

But the protesters who drove the leader out after two decades in power had demanded the ouster of the country’s entire political hierarchy, including the newly named Abdelkader Bensalah, a key ally of Bouteflika and the leader of parliament’s upper chamber.

Senior figures in Algerian society advised the Hirak leaders to hold back from any engagement with Gaid Salah until he comes clean with his real intentions.

Foreign leaders who have a stake in Algeria are worried.Just imagine an Algeria that behaved in a more modern and less corrupt way.Democracy could be contagious, to the horror of many, notably in the Middle East.Russia knows the Algerian Army buys more weapons than it needs, that kickbacks to some generals are very lucrative.Gaid Salah has thrown dozens of entrepreneurs in prison on charges of corruption but no case has been brought to court.What is true in the case of Algeria is true elsewhere.

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