Dating and flowers

More men than you might think want to receive flowers, but are women keeping up with this demand?

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Like chocolate or love letters, flowers are one of those gifts that seem inherently romantic – but what are the most romantic flowers of the lot?

The survey asked participants to pick their favourite flowers to give to or receive from a romantic partner, creating a definitive top 10 list: perfect for romantics, gardeners, and for those who simply love flowers: Interestingly, men and women are slightly divided on the subject of the most romantic flowers of all.

It’s millennial men who are the most likely to yearn for a bunch of blooms.

A huge 42% of men under 30 indicated that they’d like flowers as a gift, along with 39% of men aged 30-40, 34% of those aged 40-50, and just 30% of those aged 50 .

For example, the alstroemeria signifies friendship and devotion while the apple blossom signifies hope.

The blue violet stands for faithfulness and the calla lily signifies magnificent beauty.

Men liked the classic approach, picking the red rose as their #1 love flower.

For women, however, red roses are only #2 on the romance scale.

What might be more surprising is that they’re not alone in this wish: contrary to certain male stereotypes, guys are flower fans too!

In fact, nearly 1-in-3 men (32%) say that they enjoy receiving bunches of flowers from their love.

The gentleman may have to seek out a field of wildflowers in the countryside or beg a neighbor's permission to cut a few tulips.


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