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His children by these marriage were probably Svyatoslav of Smolensk, killed during the 1015 internecine war, and Mstislav of Chernigov.

Some chronicles, however, report that Rogneda was Mstislav's mother.

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The spectre of potential jealousy should not be treated as the single axis around which you not only expect your own love life to revolve, but also your future spouse’s life in its entirety.

And yet by using Anna’s dream as a cautionary tale against dating, that is precisely what Harris suggests that we ought do.

According to this theory, Nestor the Chronicler deliberately represented Yaroslav as Rogneda's son, because he systematically removed all information concerning Kievan ties with Byzantium, spawning pro-Varangian bias (see Normanist theory for details).

Proponents allege that Yaroslav's true age was falsified by Nestor, who attempted to represent him as 10 years older than he actually had been, in order to justify Yaroslav's seizure of the throne at the expense of his older brothers.

Actually, they were of different age and their names point to different cultural traditions.

Judging by his Bulgarian name, Boris could have been Adela's only offspring.

The historians long had no clue as to identity of this wife.

The emigre historian Nicholas Baumgarten, however, pointed to the controversial record of the "Genealogia Welforum" and the "Historia Welforum Weingartensis" that one daughter of Count Kuno von Oenningen (future Duke Konrad of Swabia) by "filia Ottonis Magni imperatoris" (Otto the Great's daughter; possibly Rechlinda Otona [Regelindis], claimed by some as illegitimate daughter and by others legitimate, born from his first marriage with Edith of Wessex) married "rex Rugorum" (king of Russia).

During his unruly youth, Vladimir begot his eldest son, Sviatopolk, relations with whom would cloud his declining years.


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