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We’re going in alphabetical order here, so what luck to begin with the king of queens (snicker)! The whole time he was outwitting folks like Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, or Gossamer the big orange monster (yes, that thing’s name was Gossamer for some reason), the bunny was totally playing the vixen. And from a 21st-century perspective, it’s a pretty clear calling card. I’m talking about old-school Bugs, the way he was before he had a big corporate hand jammed up his ass. There’s a whole musical number devoted to his crude, rude masculinity! Isn’t he the prettiest, most spotless and well-groomed lout you’ve ever seen? And as for that hairy chest, well, I imagine plenty of Bears out there would swoon. How many right-wing creeps are currently getting caught in public with rent boys?

Topher dives in, tongue first, and gives Lion a rim job that makes him growl.

Then Topher condomless fucks Lion into the couch as these two work up a sweat that leaves them visibly drenched.

), but it’s always been there, and there’s always been an unspoken acknowledgment of it. As an openly gay man myself, I try to keep a sense of humor about the entire issue, and it tickles me to spot or at least imagine the secret gays in children’s entertainment.

Cartoons and comics are “allowed” to deal with issues that the mass entertainment industry can’t explicitly talk about. So...the risk of offending people and/or destroying your childhood (hah, as if I give a shit!

AND ANOTHER TIRESOME DISCLAIMER: You may notice some seemingly obvious names missing from the list.

This is because I’m sticking with cartoons and comics that I myself watch, or have watched in the past.

My upbringing lacked certain staples of children’s entertainment (no Cartoon Network, for instance), and I can’t speculate on characters I’ve never seen.

So if you’re angered by the absence of, say, Snagglepuss, or Ren and Stimpy, write your own damn list. But he was the most manly, macho, misogynist, male-chauvenist douchebag Disney has ever cranked out!

Lion goes for a bareback ride and milks Topher's prick with each gyration and squeeze of his butt.

After a break, these two are making out and Topher just slides in while standing.

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