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This will make your Tinder Bio seen more well rounded. You can write in a serious manner, a funny manner, whatever. The compile what you have written and see if you can select a sentence or two for your profile.

A few things to take note of with the examples: if you are above 6’2” it behooves you to list your height. You’ll find you’re the most creative right when you wake up in the mornings. These synapses of a man’s life can be all you need in your Tinder “About” section.

Humor is a plus as well, as long as you avoid coming off as a creeper on your Tinder Bio.

The “About” section of your Tinder Bio should be short, but give a brief and entertaining description of your life.

Make sure to keep the punctuation and spacing the same, minus the quotes: The above examples all make for great Tinder Bio “About” sections.

You give the girl a glimpse of what you are about combined with something that may make her laugh or cause her to message you first.

Men can write about their job or where they go to school in their Tinder Bio, but only with brevity.3.

Discuss Hobbies and Interests in your Tinder Bio You do not need to be too descriptive in your Tinder bio.She may already be enthralled by your photo and is reading your “About” to make sure you’re a normal guy.Or she may be on the fence about whether or not she finds you attractive.By inserting a funny fact into your profile, you make girls laugh while giving them something to talk about.Whether it be in the conversation you have or when she messages you out of the blue because you’re such a stud muffin!This is where you can show some humor in your Tinder Bio.

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