Dating body type descriptions

The dad bod cares just enough to look outwardly healthy, certainly lifts a dumbbell or two in the garage but wouldn’t collapse into himself when presented with a pizza; super hot but still attainable, a bizarre Zen-like figure, totally at ease with himself but not There is an upside to this categorisation – labels can help marginalised people, or those not “traditionally hot”, find each other – but your body doesn’t need a nickname or a title to be attractive. Being who you are isn’t about fitting into a narrow set of searchable criteria, and it’s only when all of us – whether sculpted or scrawny, whip-thin or well-built – reject the idea of being a body type and embrace being an actual person whose body shape may or may not change, the better off we will all be.But Rome wasn’t built in a day, so if you must assign yourself a body shape, don’t say you’re buff if the most weightlifting you’ve ever done is move the sofa to vacuum under it – in more cases than you would think, honesty is hotter than pecs.The perfect marrying kind, maybe – real men, attractive yet unbothered by gym memberships and matcha smoothies.

I feel like they expect someone equally as fit as him so I’d always worry about it.

The dawn of the ‘dad bod’ trope felt like a new age of body acceptance for men, but, actually, it continued to suggest almost impossible targets of being both laid-back and vain.

The Guyliner takes a look at how to navigate the dangerous world of torso tropes Do you remember where you were when you first heard the expression “dad bod”?

It’s strange how evocative a term can be, can’t it?

(I tried and failed on that one, tbh.)And don’t be fooled by the “dad bod” tag either…

If anything, it was a vague equivalent to the “cool girl” myth.

Ask friends who’ll lie and tell you what they think you want to hear? Bodies are unreliable witnesses and the state of yours may have no bearing on your lifestyle at all.

How pumped do you actually need to be to call yourself “athletic”? And as for “slim” – I may see a great shapeless sausage in the mirror but perhaps others think me a sylph. You could be a wiry type who eats as much as they want yet can’t put on an ounce, or the guy who lives in the gym and screams at the sight of carbs yet has a glacial metabolism, or glandular issues, that keeps him stuck firmly at the same size.

If you’re a skinny guy you could perhaps play up the geeky angle – even though many a nerd has discovered protein shakes; it’s all getting very Peter Parker out there – or perhaps take advantage of the fact every clothing house on earth designs with you in mind and reinvent yourself as a fashionista.

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