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We do recommend a thin film of oil to prevent discoloration after lengthy periods of time.

Weighing in at just under 3 ounces and about 3.5 inches long it’s a perfect size to slip into your pocket.

What’s unique about Case knives is that they stamp each blade with a special tang marking that can be used to identify the knife and production date.

The medium stockman weighs in at only 2.5 ounces and is just over 3.5 inches long. It’s extremely well made, tremendously effective and will last you close to a lifetime. Buy from Amazon The Case Canoe got its name from its canoe-like shape and is another favorite among the Case community.

This model features Chrome Vanadium spear and pen blades which are extremely sharp and can be re-sharpened relatively easily as required.

The bone used by Case originates from Brazilian Zebu cattle which is far more dense than other types of cattle.

Each Case knife is handled by over 100 employees during it’s creation process over over 160 steps and this results in a truly impeccable quality control process.

It really is an excellent pocket knife design and give it’s popularity it can be had in a large variety of handle colors, materials and designs.

The Stockman is another popular Case design originally targeted towards ranchers and include three blades – a clip blade accompanied typically by a spey and sheepfoot blade.

It was designed for trapping and skinning small game and is extremely lightweight.

The Trapper is a jack-knife with a versatile clip blade and and a long spey blade.

The clip blade is used for the most challenging tasks while the pen or spey is usually put to work on smaller jobs.

The dainty little Peanut knife is perfect for junior outdoorsmen or boy scouts.

It became popular during the Vietnam war and carries a recessed tang to avoid the edge causing wear and tear on pockets.

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