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All of the cephalopods are intelligent, fascinating, and personable creatures, though the Nautilus holds a special place in my heart.

Most of the time, I do patch (say) X clock into one clock generator and the Y clock into a divide-by-4 clock divider and you're back to a classic (but really awesome) 16 step sequencer. The pots for setting CV are critical, of course, too, for live perf. Strictly speaking the VCA probably ain't necessary. Now, here's where I'm going to learn to love the Cloud and say that, by the same token, software should be irrespective of this provisioning process. They run for miles, and there are many different kinds. I want a job where I can use linux as my primary operating system because its easier than the alternatives.

But I'm a tinkerer; I'll probably get more creative (read: crazy) the more I play with it and do some really nutsy things, though I'll still probably never really think of "the first Cartesian sequencer" as some crazy advancement in sequencing. or mess with widths between steps with CV, now that would be a nextgen sequencer. You want a sequencer you can mess with in real time, now that really opens up the windows for me! My one complaint: they need "clock ticks" of some kinda hard to guess, except by hearing it, what note/CV I'm actually playing. I really despise technologies that want commitment. For Jupiter storm I'm taking the other parts of Maths to control it's CV as well as the filter In short, get Maths. I want to work using open-source methodologies because obfuscating information is a waste of time.

Having unquantized and quantized CV outs offers a lot of flexibility. Now that it's 2016, I've decided to embrace the term. But the point is that it shouldn't matter where your software is run. Because, after all, you only have so many logic gates and capacitors and disk platters. (For the reader: what about a salt-cloud k8 adaptor? Perhaps you can give me some insight into the workings of your tool so I can learn how to build the wheel myself?

The ability to control X vs Y clock is cool, and I'll admit that I use it more than I think, but calling it "the world's first Cartesian sequencer" is a bit much. I probably agree it shouldn't, but I have this in a tiny tiny performance rack with just this (large) sequencer and the (also Make Noise) telharmonic and I'm still trying to figure out a great way to take just these and a decent keyboard in a togo bag. The Cloud means that it doesn't matter where you run things. In order to scale arbitrarily, you need programmatic control to spin up containers to the point that you are not capacity limited. ) ## Bare metal Artemis -- a tool for deciphering Socrates' cryptic questions: Artemis: I wish to know how to use your tool to build a wheel Socrates: Ah, yes, my tool can be used to build a wheel. Socrates: Did I mention the many virtues of aquaducts? As a veteran of the open-source revolution, the computer job prospects of 2017 look bleak comparatively to a decade ago. I wanted a job in open source software because it meant something. I wanted to work on cutting edge technologies because they're exciting. I've added 'Senior' to the front of my 'Software Engineer' title.

It is heart warming to find people that want to help the Nautilus keep chugging along for another 500 million years (or more! I recently saw several Nautilus at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Tentacles exhibit: They were amazing to behold, just a transparent pane separating me from so many tentacles extending from their spiral chambers .

After a lifetime of thinking that they were gone, I felt as one feels when you meet a legend.Thank you for making this possible, and congratulations on your success and best wishes for more to come. after playing with ATV, 4 remotes, 3 audio sources, 2 video sources, and 3 computers yesterday, i've come to a couple of conclusions: 1. Do you have any concerns with your new relationship? Crickets are the most beautiful of insects, and one I identify with intimatelyy.home "theatre" is fairly annoying right now, unless you're willing to throw out all components every time you want a new one; and 2. There's a thing called urban crickets: fabulous chirpers that make their homes in the railroad tracks, little cracks where buildings meet pavement, and other unlikely dwellings to makers of the world's eldest symphony, who sing and strum their songs unaged and disaffected by this facade that we, the progeny of machines, have come to believe wholly in.Technical debt is often though of “you can’t fix it today so make a hack”, which leads pretty quick to the business of “you can’t fix it because of the hack so hack around the hack” etc. If Jerry Smartcoder has to do something in a new codebase, because complexity equals compclicity times the information density of the problem, he can’t learn the problem. though never, of course, with thought of obligation.One component in the interest on technical debt is the time and effect (including ensuring backwards compatibility) is taking out the hacks on hacks and the hacks before you implement properly. So it was tonight that I ventured alone to the railroad tracks with a cricket cage to rival that in "The Cricket in Times Square" that, after over a year in Oaklana, Securitas sought to not only leave their vehicular sanctuary but confront me.So after long debate through many choices, I went with the Rene. I think it is the closest CV performance-driven sequencer on the market today. The big difference between your laptop and, say, AWS, is if you want a bunch of computing resources, you're going to have a much harder time scaling up your laptop. Because in the end what matters is solving the problems of the non-hypothetical variety.

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