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Loan document packages circulating under the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), for example, are often post-dated.Generally, the “future” date appearing on the deed of trust or mortgage is near the end of the calendar month.Likewise, I suppose, dox that pre-date the signing.

This is okay as long as you follow two critical steps: If you are asked to notarize a deed of trust or mortgage for a HARP loan, the NNA recommends that you make a note of the date of the post-dated deed or mortgage in your Notary journal.

Some states allow a practice called “table funding.” This occurs when the loan is funded at a closing by an advance of the loan funds from the lender.

The current practice is that Revision Bulletins and Errata are posted on a bi-monthly basis, except for urgent revisions requiring off-schedule posting.

This change will not affect the posting schedule for Interim Revision Announcements which will continue to posted on a bi-monthly basis.

In these circumstances, the documents may be post-dated because they will be sent to the absent party to sign at a later date.

When this happens, it’s also permitted to notarize the post-dated documents.Below is an updated schedule for the posting of future Revision Bulletins and Errata.Bulletins are published annually for each school at Duke University by the Office of the University Registrar.To request access to a proofing site, contact the Duke University Bulletins team. If a Notary Signing Agent encounters loan documents that are dated after the signing appointment, is it OK to notarize them?Revision Bulletins are posted by the first of each month.


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