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Now that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are legally single again, people are eyeing the former couple as to what their next move might be when it comes to the dating scene.

Until then, she will continue to make her kids and her work her focus.”However, it’s not only Jolie who is hounded by various dating rumors.

In fact, ex-husband Pitt is exactly on the same boat as she is.

I’m curious to see what the readers say here, because I never had great experiences dating guys who were as busy as I was.

I will say, though, that in that class — the high-achieving man — it was easiest to recognize when someone had decided it was Time to Get Married because they were much more intense on a first date, and much more direct when they weren’t interested (which actually was appreciated).

“She went through a lonely phase after her split with Brad but has gotten over it thanks to the love and attention from her kids.

She is not ready to date or get serious with anyone until her divorce with Brad is finalized.

“She is focused on her children and their needs.”Last month, Jolie was likewise rumored to be dating an unnamed British billionaire after her split with Pitt.

While she may be lonely with Pitt gone from her life, those billionaire dating rumors are simply untrue according to an insider.“Angelina is not dating anyone serious right now, and she is OK with that,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Add to that (and you mentioned this earlier about yourself), a lot of us get really competitive with our significant others about our careers.


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