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If they also swipe right then you can message them.But there are some peculiarities which will help you get more out of it: What's pretty neat is that they show you how close people are to you.

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The minimum age is 23 (other sites it is usually 18), but there are very few active members in their 20s.

there are a massive number of non-active members, and the key to identifying the active members is to go to the "Online Now" area; there are usually about 10 females online at any one time - naturally you're going to have to regularly do this to find somebody.

I took a while to email a reply to somebody, and then hit send, but I didn't know that in the interim she had sent a subsequent email.

(in I had a date at House of Machines in Cape Town with a really adventurous lady, who had travelled the world, served in Afghanistan, hiked many trails and eventually decided to settle in South Africa.

I obviously cannot confirm this, but it was in line with my experience.

When I did a Google search for "online dating sites" Elite Singles was at the top of the list of paid search adverts, and came second in the organic search results, after an article on dating sites by Mashable (not SA focused so of questionable value for me).

There isn't a way to just do a search through their database of members; one has to wait until matches are sent to you.

Initially they selected 7 matches for me, none of whom I was interested in! On day 2 (): By day 4 matches had started to dry up - they only sent me 3.

Tinder has a range of ages, although much more focused on younger ages than the other platforms, covers the full spectrum of races, and has the biggest audience.

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