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In such programs as Chessbase 9, Fritz 9, Hiarcs 9, Shredder Classic, etc.).

Mephisto (The Russian version) Quite good enough game.

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For full beginners who in general never played chess, in the program there is an interactive training system and more than 500 thousand records of the best chess games. A huge choice of beautiful sets of figures and surroundings of game rooms, pleasant music and a sound number. Mail Chess it is capable to carry out set of functions.

There is a game possibility on a three-dimensional chessboard. Become the great commander in most humane of military strategy. Here some of them: Creation of tournaments and tables of results.

Use of the "profiles" providing flexibility of preparation of letters (for example use of format ICCF).

Automatic reception (filtration) of arriving chess messages from your post server. Convenient database for pgn-files (including support drag&drop) The built in support "Winboard-engines" (game modules) for the analysis of positions. Shredder Classic Chess v1.1 Jin 2.12 - the free program-client for game online on popular chess servers Internet Chess Club and Free Internet Chess Server.

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Automatic calculation of time spent for considering (time of reception of letters for a server is converted during local time; your own time spent for considering, is modified at mail parcel). Except operational system Windows, supports also Linux, and Mac OS. Slow Chess Blitz WV2.1 (The Russian version) Program Slow Chess Blitz has some adjusted levels of game, from a beginner to the master.

It has own interface, but it also can be used as cursor Winboard in any cover supporting the given report (i.e.

With its help it is possible to organise a match or tournament on the Internet without use of game sites (type enough to all its participants to instal at itself this program.

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