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There is a fairly well known scam where people will pretend to be local men on trips to various other countries, propose to women online, and then have some sort of 'incident' that stops them from coming home and marrying the woman, that they need money for- a medical emergency, being held up in customs, whatever. I have some connections to people in Dallas who do international engineering consulting in Sub Saharan Africa (that's you, u/la_vikinga). If you send me his information through (Brother) I will be willing to check on him.The outline of the relationship I heard made it sound very much like one of these scams. am not sending this to you because I want any kind of relationship with you ever again. If not, I strongly suggest you do a background check on this man, first to make sure he exists, and second to protect yourself in case he's catfishing you.

It's been over half a year since we've last had communication.

This is likely going to be the last you ever hear from me.(Brother) told me that you're getting married, and when I heard some of the details I became very concerned.

Side note: If anyone is in the Jacksonville area and needs help getting their house cleaned out, PM me.

If I have another day sitting around I might honestly go crazy.

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I am not as strong and fast as I was but damn it, I can still help!

I'm on the south side and will drive an hour and a half or so in any direction to help if you need it.

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